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Unveiling a Troubling Tale: The Priya Singh Case and the Dark Side of Love Turning Into Violence

Priya Singh case: In the heart of Thane, Maharashtra, a poignant story has surfaced, centering around a 26-year-old woman named Priya Singh and her boyfriend, Ashwajit Gaikwad. The unfolding Priya Singh case takes a distressing turn, drawing attention to the details of this tragic incident.

Priya Singh Case instagram story

This narrative has shaken the community, as Priya alleges not just emotional but physical abuse, coupled with an alarming attempt to run her over with a car. What makes this situation even more important is that Ashwajit is the child of someone important in Maharashtra. Now, let’s check out all the stuff that went down in this really scary thing.

In a gripping narrative, we delve into the disturbing Priya Singh case, exposing the sinister transformation of love into violence.

Priya Singh Case Unveils Disturbing Night: Businesswoman’s Gathering Turns Into a Tale of Abuse and Betrayal

On December 11, Priya Singh, a businesswoman managing a beauty salon with her sister, faced a harrowing situation. Invited by her boyfriend of four and a half years, Ashwajit, to a hotel gathering in Ovla, Thane, during the early hours, Priya found herself in a nightmarish scenario. What began as an innocent gathering took a dark turn, revealing a disturbing narrative of abuse and betrayal.

Priya Singh Case accident

A Relationship Unraveled

In a distressing turn of events in the Priya Singh case, upon arriving at the venue around 3 am, Priya discovered Ashwajit’s presence with another woman, later revealed to be his wife. As Priya attempted to communicate and comprehend the situation, she encountered resistance from Ashwajit, who seemed unwilling to address the issues at hand. Adding fuel to the fire, Romil Patil, Ashwajit’s friend, worsened the situation by directing abusive language towards Priya.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Priya recounts pleading with Ashwajit for a private conversation outside the venue. But what was meant to be a talk became a scary situation. Mean words turned into hurting someone physically.

The Disturbing Escalation in the Priya Singh Case

In a harrowing account, Priya vividly recounts a terrifying incident involving her boyfriend.Things got really bad when Ashwajit got very angry. He did some really mean and painful things to Priya. He hit her, tried to choke her, bit her hand, and made her feel pain. These actions were very hurtful and caused a lot of pain to Priya.” To exacerbate the situation, his friend pushed her to the ground, making the entire ordeal even more horrendous in the ongoing Priya Singh case.

A Chilling Turn: Attempted Vehicular Assault

The shocking revelations did not end with physical violence. According to Priya’s complaint filed with the Kasarvadavli police, the situation took an even darker turn when she tried to collect her belongings from Ashwajit’s car. Allegedly, Ashwajit instructed his driver to run her over.

Priya claims to have heard the chilling command, “uda de isko” (ram into her), leading to a deliberate attempt to harm her with the vehicle. The consequences were severeβ€”Priya suffered a broken right leg, requiring surgical intervention, and bore the scars of extensive bruises and scrapes on her body.

Priya Singh Case instagram story
Priya Singh Case instagram story
Priya Singh Case instagram story

Priya Singh Case: Seeking Justice Amidst Obstacles

In the ongoing Priya Singh case, obstacles emerged in her quest for justice as she encountered difficulties filing a complaint at the Kasarvadavli police station. Allegations of pressure from higher authorities influenced the initial response, highlighting potential challenges faced by victims seeking help. It was only when Priya shared her traumatic experience on social media that a case was filed against Ashwajit Gaikwad and two others, including the driver.

Intimidation and Threats Persist

As Priya undergoes treatment in a private hospital, she alleges that the intimidation continues. Friends of Ashwajit have reportedly visited the hospital, threatening both her and her sister for pursuing legal action. This raises serious concerns about the safety of individuals seeking justice when faced with powerful adversaries.

The legal response to the case has been a mixed bag. While Priya Singh case has been filed against Ashwajit and his accomplices under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code, including voluntarily causing hurt and rash driving, no arrests have been made so far. The wait to catch the person who did the bad things makes it unsure if justice will happen.

Denials and Counter-Allegations

In response to the grave accusations, Ashwajit Gaikwad, reportedly the president of Bharatiya Janata Party Yuva Morcha (BJYM), Thane division, vehemently denies the charges. He asserts that he and Priya were merely friends and alleges that the entire incident is a ploy to extort money. According to him, Priya arrived at the hotel in a drunken state, instigating a confrontation that culminated in an unintentional accident.


Conclusion: A Call for a Thorough Investigation

Amidst the unfolding Priya Singh case, the imperative for a meticulous and unbiased investigation becomes evident. The intricate nature of the case is emphasized by conflicting narratives from the involved parties. Concerns about the accused’s potential influence, stemming from familial connections, further cast a shadow on the fairness of the legal proceedings surrounding this distressing saga.

A Plea for Justice in Simple Terms

In a world where stories like this happen, it’s a reminder for us all to stand against violence and support those who speak up. Priya Singh’s courage in sharing her story serves as a call to action against domestic violence and abuse, emphasizing the urgent need for a society that stands united against such atrocities.

As the court things are going on and they are trying to figure out what really happened, everyone is looking and wishing that the fair and right thing will be done. We want fair treatment for everyone because it’s crucial that every person gets the same respect, no matter their identity or connections. In the simplicity of Priya’s narrative, we find a plea for justice that resonates with the collective conscience, urging us to ensure a safer and more just society for all.


  • This is such a distressing and alarming situation in the Priya Singh case. 😱 It’s heartbreaking to hear about the abuse and violence Priya had to endure, and it’s crucial that justice is served. πŸ™ The fact that she faced obstacles in filing a complaint is concerning and highlights the challenges that victims often face when seeking help. πŸ’” Let’s hope for a thorough and unbiased investigation to bring the truth to light. πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ #JusticeForPriya #EndDomesticViolence πŸ’ͺ❀️

  • The Priya Singh case is a deeply unsettling reminder of how love can tragically transform into violence. Priya’s harrowing experience of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her boyfriend, including a shocking attempt at vehicular assault, underscores the importance of addressing and standing against domestic violence. This case, particularly given the influential background of the accused, highlights the challenges victims face in seeking justice. It’s crucial that we support those who have the courage to speak up and ensure a fair and unbiased legal process for all. πŸ™πŸ’”

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