10 Unique Land Animals That No One Knows

Here is the list of 10  most unique and fascinating land animals that exist on Earth, but most people don't know about them.

Pink Fairy Armadillo

The pink fairy armadillo is a tiny, adorable armadillo from central Argentina. It lives in dry, sandy places. It has a soft shell and pink fur to keep warm. It eats ants, worms, and roots at night.

Image Credit: snopes.com


The aye-aye is a lemur from Madagascar’s forests. It has a long finger to tap and get insects from wood. It also has big ears, yellow eyes, and teeth like rodents. It eats insects, fruits, seeds, and nectar at night in trees.

Image Credit: independent.ie


The babirusa is a pig from Indonesia’s islands. It has no fur and tusks that curl from its jaws. The upper tusks can stab its head if not broken. The babirusa eats plants and is active in the day.

Image Credit:planetzoo.fandom.com

Tufted Deer

The tufted deer is a small deer from China and Myanmar’s mountains and forests. It has black hair on its head and fangs from its mouth. The males fight with their fangs for mates and land. The tufted deer eats plants and is active at dawn and dusk.

Image Credit: DinoAnimals.com

Elephant Shrew

The elephant shrew is a small mammal with a long nose like a mouse. It is related to elephants and manatees, not rodents. It uses its snout to find and eat insects and other small animals. It hops with its long back legs. It lives in different places in Africa, like deserts, forests, and mountains.

Image Credit: wikipedia.com


The okapi is a mammal from Congo’s rainforests. It looks like a deer-zebra mix, but it is a giraffe cousin. It has brown fur with white stripes on its legs and a long tongue to eat leaves, fruits, and insects. It is a rare and timid animal that humans hardly see.

Image Credit: wikipedia.com

Streaked Tenrec

The streaked tenrec is a small, spiny mammal from Madagascar. It is in the same family as tenrecs and golden moles, which are only on the island. It has black and yellow or white stripes and quills for defense and communication. It makes sounds by rubbing its quills. It eats worms, insects, and other small animals in the day.

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Star-Nosed Mole

The star-nosed mole is a small mammal from wet, low places in North America. It has a star-shaped nose with 22 rays. It uses its nose to feel and find food. It can eat an insect in very fast. It is a meat-eating and partly water-living animal that eats insects, worms, mollusks, and other small animals.

Image Credit: BBC Wildlife

Baluchistan Pygmy Jerboa

The Baluchistan pygmy jerboa is a tiny rodent from Pakistan and maybe Afghanistan’s deserts. It is one of the world’s smallest mammals, with a body length of 4.3 cm (1.7 in) and a weight of 3.2 g (0.11 oz). It has long back legs, short front legs, and a long tail. It eats seeds and leaves of desert plants. It hops and lives in burrows under bushes at night.

Image Credit: Youtube

Raccoon Dog

A raccoon dog looks like a small fox with a raccoon-like face. It is a dog from East Asia that also lives in Europe. It is an omnivorous and nocturnal animal that feeds on insects, rodents, birds, frogs, fish, fruits, and plants.It can go up trees and hibernate in winter.

Image Credit: Down To Earth

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