Justice For Fernanda Trends in India

Justice For Fernanda is trending on social media after Spanish tourist Fernanda and her husband Vicente were victims of a brutal gang rape in Jharkhand, India.

Fernanda, a moto vlogger from Spain and Brazil, was on a world tour with her husband when they were brutally attacked in India, the 63rd country on their journey.

Who is Fernanda?

Fernanda and her husband were camping when they were attacked by a group of men, resulting in Fernanda's gang rape by seven assailants.

Horrific Assault on Foreign Tourists

The shocking incident has sparked outrage across India, with social media users demanding swift action and justice for Fernanda and her husband.

Nationwide Outcry for Justice

Jharkhand police have registered the case and arrested 3 suspects, with efforts underway to apprehend the remaining perpetrators.

Police Investigation and Arrests

Social media influencers, YouTubers, and moto vloggers are rallying support for Fernanda and her husband, using the hashtag #JusticeForFernanda.

Social Media Mobilizes for Justice

Amidst the aftermath of this tragedy, demands for justice for Fernanda and her husband intensify, underscoring the pressing need for action and support for sexual violence victims.

Seeking Justice and Support

As the investigation continues and the victims seek justice, it is imperative for society to stand in solidarity and support victims of such heinous crimes.

Moving Forward Together

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