Man Charged with Assault on Alaska Airlines Flight

Julio Alvarez Lopez faces assault charges for attempting to stab a co-passenger on a Seattle to Las Vegas flight.

>> Lopez intended to kill the victim, suspecting the victim was following him and claimed mafia pursuit. >> He crafted a weapon from pens and rubber bands. >> Lopez's erratic behavior included continuous glove changes and an extended bathroom trip.

Incident Details: >> The assault occurred on a January 24 flight. >> Lopez targeted an off-duty law enforcement officer seated across the aisle.

Witness Accounts: >> A woman seated nearby witnessed Lopez's attack and alerted authorities. >> Lopez was restrained for the remainder of the flight.

Arrest and Investigation: – Las Vegas police arrested Lopez upon landing. – The case is under investigation by the FAA.

Lopez's Claims: Lopez asserted he had never met the victim but believed he was being pursued by the mafia.

Legal Proceedings: >> Lopez is a Mexican citizen seeking asylum in the US. >> He is held in custody until trial.

Airline Response: >> Alaska Airlines praised the crew's handling of the incident. >> Witnesses described the chaotic scene.

Victim's Injuries: –The victim suffered injuries above his right eye.

Intentions of Attack: Lopez aimed to fatally stab the victim through the eye.

Legal Representation:  Lopez's public defender has yet to comment on the case.

The incident aboard the Alaska Airlines flight underscores the challenges of ensuring passenger safety amid unpredictable behavior. Lopez's motives and mental state remain under scrutiny as legal proceedings continue.

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