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#RajatDalal and #Anjalians are currently trending on platform X. What’s the reason behind it?

#RajatDalal and #Anjalians Trending: The Elvish YadavMaxtern fight has finally reached its conclusion, it started on March 7th. After facing many challenges, the two YouTubers have sorted out their differences and made up. These two creators, famous for their captivating videos, had a disagreement that grabbed the interest of their fans.

However, amidst this reconciliation, the spotlight has shifted towards Rajat Dalal and Anjali Aroda. #RajatDalal and #Anjalians are currently trending on platform X Let’s find out the reasons behind their sudden patchup.

Lately, the YouTube community has been abuzz with drama, particularly involving Elvish Yadav, the winner of Big Boss OTT 2. His personal life has been under intense scrutiny after a fiery clash with Maxtern, another YouTuber. After everyone saw the video of Elvish fighting with Maxtern, people started thinking badly about him. But it seems the narrative has changed recently, with the two YouTubers now displaying a united front. During all this, Rajat Dalal and Anjali Aroda have become the talk of social media.

Why #Anjalians is trending?
Why #Anjalians is trending?

Anjali Aroda’s Support: #Anjalians Stand by Elvish

Amid the controversy involving Elvish Yadav and Maxtern, Anjali Aroda has stepped up as a strong supporter for Elvish. Despite the growing boycott movement, she has openly support him. By using the hashtag #wesupportelvishyadav on Instagram, Anjali has shown her alliance with Elvish. Her Instagram story received strong support, showing that the #anjalians community firmly supports Elvish.

Why #Anjalians is trending?
#wesupportelvishyadav #Anjalians Stand by Elvish.

Rajat Dalal: The Fitness Icon Caught in the Middle

Meanwhile, Rajat Dalal has also garnered attention on social media platforms. Known for his stature as a fitness icon, He got caught up in the disagreement between Maxtern and Elvish. Rajat wanted to help settle the conflict, so he tried to get both sides to talk. People noticed how he was trying to make things better, and now everyone’s talking about him.

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Elvish-Maxtern Reconciliation: Bhaichara on Top

The latest updates on Elvish Yadav and Maxtern indicate a warming of relations. A photo that has been making rounds on social media shows them together, smiling and shoulder to shoulder, hinting at a reconciliation. Elvish took to his Instagram to post the picture, with a caption that underlines the value of togetherness and brotherhood.

Elvish Yadav-Maxtern
Elvish Yadav-Maxtern

In conclusion, while the Elvish Yadav-Maxtern fights appears to have reached a positive outcome, the spotlight has shifted to other personalities like Rajat Dalal and Anjali Aroda, whose actions and expressions of support continue to capture the public’s attention.

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