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1-800 Review: Is 1-800 Legit?

1-800 Review: 1-800 has established itself as a go-to destination for floral arrangements and gifts, but beneath the surface of its vibrant offerings, there lies a garden of concerns and controversies. Before you make 1-800 your choice for that special occasion, let’s delve into 1-800 Review that might leave you with wilted expectations and a prickly wallet.

Is 1-800 Legit or Scam?
Is 1-800 Legit or Scam?

Red Flags in the Garden

Is 1-800 Legit or Scam?

After thorough research and consideration of customer feedback, it is strongly recommended to approach 1-800 with caution. If you’re wondering, “Is 1-800 Legit or Scam?” it’s essential to be aware that this is not a legit website. Look out for these warning signs:

Poor Customer Service

Imagine the disappointment of holding a promised bouquet, matched only by the frustration of being kept on hold with 1–800-Flowers’ customer service. Complaints reveal a disheartening picture: extended wait times, unhelpful representatives, and a convoluted process for issue resolution. This lack of service can turn a thoughtful gesture into a bitter experience.

Delivery Issues

What good are blooming blossoms if they never arrive? Reports of missed deliveries, incorrect orders, and confusing tracking systems plague 1-800, raising questions about whether 1-800 Legit or Scam. Picture the heartbreak of a birthday surprise withering due to a delivery debacle. These issues can turn joy into frustration, leaving both the recipient and sender feeling disheartened by the realization that this is not a legit website.

Bad and Poor Quality Product

Despite promising online images, the reality often falls short. Customers report flowers arriving past their prime, with missing blooms, substituted stems, and an overall quality that fails to meet expectations. This stark difference between expectation and reality can leave a bitter taste.

Negative Reviews Online

Online review sites expose a thorny landscape of negativity. Complaints range from delivery problems to quality issues and customer service nightmares. While positive reviews exist, the sheer volume of complaints paints a concerning picture, suggesting that problems are not isolated incidents.


1-800 Review User Complaints:

1. Missed Delivery and Lack of Communication

“I ordered flowers for a special occasion and wanted them delivered on a specific date. Despite the significant cost, the flowers were never delivered. No explanations or updates were provided, and the only compensation offered was a meager coupon and an apology. I had a bad experieance, and I will not buy from them again.”

1-800 review
1-800 review

2. Cancellation and Frustration

“I ordered a bouquet and a fruit basket for Christmas, paying extra for Saturday delivery. To my dismay, when I checked, my order was canceled with the explanation that they don’t deliver to the specified location. Not only did I miss out on the Christmas gift, but they also had my money, preventing me from ordering elsewhere. It’s frustrating and unacceptable.”

1-800 Review on Yelp
1-800 Review on Yelp

3. Failed Delivery and Refund Issues

“I ordered flowers for delivery on December 23rd. Despite receiving an email stating the flowers were ready for delivery, they never arrived. Customer service initially promised delivery on the 24th, then the 27th, only to eventually admit they couldn’t deliver at all. When I requested a refund, they charged my card instead. A complete and frustrating letdown.”

1-800 Review on Yelp
1-800 Review on Yelp

4. False Delivery Claims

“I ordered flowers for same-day delivery, and the tracking showed they were delivered at 8:00 pm. However, this was a blatant lie, as the recipient was home all day, and they had her phone number. Customer service provided excuses and prevarications, leading to a disappointing experience. Do not use this company unless you enjoy rude treatment and disappointment.”

1-800 review
1-800 review on Trust Pilot

5. Incompetent Delivery

“I placed an order for delivery to a specific location with free parking. The driver claimed he couldn’t deliver, and subsequent attempts to contact customer service were met with frustration. Even after a special delivery request was made, the company failed to fulfill it. This incompetence and lack of service have led me to vow never to order from them again.”

6. High Prices

“When considering a 1-800 review, it becomes evident that this is not a legit website. 1-800’s bouquets come with more than just thorns; they come with a hefty price tag. In comparison to local florists and online competitors, their arrangements can be significantly more expensive, often without a corresponding increase in quality. This raises questions about the value for money and potential price gouging.”

1-800 Review on Yelp
1-800 Review on Yelp

“The company’s history is not without blemishes, including a class-action lawsuit for deceptive pricing practices. While past transgressions don’t necessarily dictate the present, they do cast a shadow of doubt. It’s crucial to exercise caution before entrusting your sentiments to 1-800

While the vast reach and convenience of 1-800 may be enticing, the thorns of poor service, delivery issues, and questionable quality should give you pause. Before placing your order, remember: a wilted bouquet can leave a lasting sting. Choose wisely, and let your sentiments bloom with confidence.”

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In conclusion, when considering 1-800 Reviews, it’s essential to note that this is not a legit website, despite its wide array of offerings. The multitude of red flags raised by customers should make you think twice before entrusting them with your special moments. It’s advisable to explore alternative options and ensure your sentiments are handled with the care they deserve.

Is 1-800 Legit or Scam?

Yes, has been a trusted flowerdelivery around for nearly 40 years, but recently, some customers have experienced problems like orders not showing up, unhelpful customer service, and low-quality products. Make sure to know about these problems before deciding to use their services.


  • 1-800 has garnered a reputation that may leave you with wilted expectations 🌼. Despite its vibrant offerings, this floral destination has faced numerous concerns and controversies. Customer feedback raises red flags, with issues ranging from poor customer service to delivery problems and subpar product quality 🚚💔. If you’re wondering, “Is 1-800 Legit or Scam?” it’s recommended to approach with caution, as it’s not considered a legit website based on these concerns. Issues like missed deliveries, unhelpful customer service, and quality discrepancies can turn thoughtful gestures into bitter experiences, leaving both senders and recipients disheartened. 🌷

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