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Unveiling the 9 Crypto Apps Ban: Google Remove these Apps from Play Store in India

9 Crypto Apps Ban: In a significant development reflecting the intensified scrutiny on cryptocurrency operations, Google has taken decisive action by removing multiple cryptocurrency-related applications from its Play Store in India. This move, following Apple’s similar actions, impacts nine popular apps, raising questions about the future of crypto transactions in the country.

9 Crypto Apps Ban: Google Remove these Apps from Play Store in India

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency works like a digital money system where people can trade without needing regular banks.

Why Did Google Remove These Apps?

In the global landscape, cryptocurrency, a digital payment system operating independently of traditional banks, has come under heightened scrutiny. In December 2023, India’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) issued a notice against a cryptocurrency exchange app, leading to subsequent actions.

Responding to the FIU’s directive, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) took steps to block the URLs of these nine apps, including major players like Binance, Kucoin, and Huobi, contributing to the ongoing discussion surrounding the crypto apps ban and Google’s removal of these apps.

9 Crypto Apps Ban: Google Remove these Apps

What Led to the Crypto Apps Ban?

The ban stems from these apps violating anti-money laundering regulations in India. Despite providing information about cryptocurrencies, the country has yet to approve their use officially. Five years ago, India’s bank (RBI) said no to using cryptocurrency.

Since then, the Supreme Court has discussed it a lot, but they haven’t come to a conclusion about the Crypto Apps Ban and Google removing these apps.The recent ban aligns with the government’s persistent efforts to regulate the use of virtual assets and tackle illicit activities.

9 Crypto Apps Ban in India : Google Remove these Apps from Play Store

List of Crypto Apps Ban

  • Binance
  • Kucoin
  • Huobi
  • Kraken
  • Bittrex
  • Bitstamp
  • MEXC Global
  • Bitfenex

Immediate Action Required: Google Remove These Apps

If you currently have any of these cryptocurrency apps, especially considering the recent Crypto Apps Ban, installed on your phone, it is highly recommended to promptly remove them to ensure your security and compliance with the latest regulations. Google’s move to eliminate them from the Play Store signifies a tightening of regulations and underscores the need for users to comply promptly.

9 Crypto Apps Ban in India :

Tech Giants Respond to Regulatory Concerns:

The removal of these applications from Google and Apple app stores emphasizes the tech giants’ willingness to align with regulatory concerns. Compliance with local regulations is becoming increasingly imperative for companies dealing in virtual digital assets, as illustrated by these proactive measures.


Crypto Apps Ban in India shows how the government is trying to manage and limit the use of digital money. As people adjust to these changes, it’s very important to keep up with the changing rules of cryptocurrency in the country, especially when Google takes down these apps. Removing the blocked apps is a key step in following these new rules and keeping your personal information safe.

Why were these Crypto Apps Ban in India?

These crypto apps got banned because they didn’t follow the rules about stopping illegal money activities, as told by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of the Indian Ministry of Finance. This is all part of the effort to ban crypto apps and make sure everyone is following the money rules.

Should I delete these apps even if I don’t live in India?

While the ban is specific to India, it reflects a global trend of increased scrutiny on cryptocurrency. Deleting these apps is recommended to stay compliant with changing regulations.

How do these bans impact the future of cryptocurrency in India?

The bans highlight the Indian government’s ongoing efforts to regulate cryptocurrency use. The future trajectory depends on regulatory developments and the industry’s response to these changes.


  • 🚫 Big news in the crypto world! Google has just dropped the hammer by removing nine cryptocurrency apps from the Play Store in India. This comes hot on the heels of Apple’s similar crackdown, raising major questions about the future of crypto in the country. πŸ“‰πŸ’₯ Wondering why this happened? Well, it all boils down to these apps violating anti-money laundering rules in India. Despite India’s ongoing crypto debate, these apps were a no-go. So, if you’ve got any of these apps on your phone, it’s time to bid them farewell to stay safe and on the right side of the law. Google and Apple mean business, and this is a clear sign of the growing importance of following the crypto rules. πŸ’°πŸ“± #CryptoBan #Google #IndiaCrypto

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