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Explosive Drama Unfolds: Abhishek Kumar Slaps Samarth Jurel on Bigg Boss 17

Abhishek Kumar Slaps Samarth Jurel: The latest episode of the popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss 17’ took an unexpected turn, leaving viewers in shock and anticipation. The explosive drama unfolded when an ugly fight erupted between Abhishek Kumar, Isha Malviya, and Samarth Jurel. Abhishek Kumar slaps Samarth Jurel. Let’s dive into the chaotic sequence of events that transpired in the recent episode.

Abhishek Kumar slaps Samarth Jurel

Abhishek Kumar slaps Samarth Jurel: The Breaking Point

The heated confrontation began during a nomination task, triggered by Isha Malviya’s taunts branding Abhishek as someone who follows orders blindly. Tensions escalated rapidly as Abhishek confronted Isha about her provocations, leading to a clash between the ex-couple.

Samarth, Isha’s current boyfriend and a fellow contestant, intervened in the midst of the argument. The situation took a dark turn when Samarth started mocking Abhishek’s mental health. Isha joined in, hurling insults at Abhishek and labeling him a ‘mental bhopu.’ Abhishek retaliated, revealing his emotional turmoil, stating, “I was mental in your love. You made me mental and left.” As the verbal exchange intensified, the boiling point arrived, culminating in Abhishek Kumar Slaps Samarth Jurel, shocking everyone in the ‘Bigg Boss 17‘ house.

Samarth’s Derogatory Remarks: A Provocation Beyond Limits

The intensity of the altercation reached its peak when Samarth, in a shocking revelation, shared that Abhishek was undergoing treatment for mental health issues in Chandigarh and had left his course midway. A Colors TV promo captured the moment when Samarth, with disdain, called Abhishek “apne baap ka mental launda” and threw a blanket on him.

Abhishek Kumar slaps Samarth Jurel

The promo intensified as it revealed Isha’s provocative actions towards Abhishek, insinuating that even his parents might be weary of him. As the tension escalated, Abhishek Kumar Slaps Samarth Jurel, his former co-star from ‘Udaariyaan,’ who had contributed to the escalating conflict by physically touching Abhishek during the heated exchange.

Fan Reactions: Support for Abhishek

As the promo circulated online, Abhishek’s fans rallied in his defense, asserting that Samarth’s provocation justified the intense reaction. Fans expressed their opinions on social media, with one stating, “Glad Abhishek slapped him hard! Doesn’t matter if he’s thrown out for violence, but what Chintu and Isha are doing is totally wrong!”

Fan reaction on Abhishek Kumar Slaps Samarth Jurel

Another fan argued that Samarth initiated physical contact, saying, “#SamarthJurel clearly touched #AbhishekKumar’s face first; after that, #Abhishek’s reaction came.”

Fan reaction on Abhishek Kumar Slaps Samarth Jurel

Udaariyaan Connection: Past Relationships Unravel

Abhishek Kumar, Isha Malviya, and Samarth Jurel had previously worked together on the show ‘Udaariyaan.’ Isha’s current relationship with Samarth began after her reportedly tumultuous breakup with Abhishek. In a revealing interview, Abhishek’s friend Madhav Shharma labeled Isha a “liar” and accused her of cheating on Abhishek with Samarth. Madhav even claimed that it was Isha who slapped Abhishek first.

Abhishek Kumar slaps Samarth Jurel

THE SLAP: Climax of Chaos

As tensions peaked, Abhishek finally unleashed his frustration with a hard slap on Samarth, leaving not just the contestants but also viewers in deep shock. The housemates looked on as the aftermath of this explosive confrontation unfolded.

Catch ‘Bigg Boss 17’ Unfold Every Week

The drama-packed episodes of ‘Bigg Boss 17,’ featuring the intense moment of Abhishek Kumar slapping Samarth Jurel, air every Monday to Friday at 10:00 pm and on Saturday and Sunday at 9:30 pm, exclusively on Colors. The nail-biting suspense and real-time reactions can also be experienced on the 24-hour live channel available on JioCinema. Stay tuned for more twists, turns, and unexpected moments in the Bigg Boss house!


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