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Bizgurukul Review: Unveiling the Reality Behind the Hype

Bizgurukul Review: In the era of digital opportunities, platforms like BizGurukul have gained significant attention, promising unlimited earnings and a work from home lifestyle. However, it’s crucial to distinguish between genuine opportunities and deceptive schemes. In this Bizgurukul review, we’ll delve into the platform’s claims, its affiliate marketing structure, and the pros and cons associated with it.

BizGurukul review: Reality Behind the Hype
BizGurukul review: Reality Behind the Hype

What is BizGurukul?

BizGurukul is an online learning platform that provides courses covering digital marketing, YouTube content creation, entrepreneurship, and business. However, the catch lies in their aggressive promotion of their affiliate marketing program, often overshadowing the educational aspect.

BizGurukul real or fake: The Affiliate Marketing Conundrum

Understanding Affiliate Platforms

Affiliate programs typically involve promoting products through blogs or websites, earning a commission on referred sales. While many legitimate platforms offer free enrollment, BizGurukul takes a different approach. Affiliate programs, often at the center of debates like ‘BizGurukul Real or Fake.’ Prospective affiliates are required to purchase their courses before being eligible to sell them – a practice that raises ethical concerns.

BizGurukul Courses fees
BizGurukul Courses fees

Questionable Marketing Tactics

A red flag emerges when examining the promotional strategies employed by BizGurukul affiliates. Their social media profiles are inundated with posts showcasing lavish lifestyles, expensive gadgets, and significant earnings. This emphasis on material possessions overshadows any discussion about the actual opportunities or the value of their products.

BizGurukul Review: The Persuasive Approach

Aggressive Sales Tactics

BizGurukul seems fixated on selling their courses at any cost. Many individuals, including myself, have experienced unsolicited messages questioning our financial status and offering supposed life-changing opportunities. These tactics, aimed at instilling a sense of inadequacy, raise concerns about the platform’s integrity.

BizGurukul Earning
BizGurukul Earning

Focus on Material Success

Rather than inspiring individuals with genuine opportunities for skill development, BizGurukul affiliates seem obsessed with flaunting possessions like iPhones and MacBooks. This materialistic approach creates a skewed definition of success, centered around the ownership of luxury items.

BizGurukul Courses and Commission Structure

Product Overview: BizGurukul offers three main courses for aspiring affiliates – Gold, Sapphire, and Platinum. Each course comes with a price tag and promises varying commission rates per sale.

  • Gold (Rs. 3500): Commission of Rs. 2000 per sale.
  • Sapphire (Rs. 5999): Commission up to Rs. 4000 per sale.
  • Platinum (Rs. 9999): Commission up to Rs. 7000 per sale.

Analyzing the Numbers: While the commission rates may seem attractive, the fundamental flaw lies in the requirement for affiliates to purchase these courses before selling them. This creates a network marketing structure where affiliates earn by recruiting more individuals into the system.

BizGurukul Courses
BizGurukul Courses

BizGurukul Review: Pros and Cons of BizGurukul

In the realm of online opportunities, the question often arises – “BizGurukul Real or Fake?” Let’s dissect the platform’s strengths and weaknesses to gain a clearer perspective.


  1. Ease of Use: The platform is designed for user-friendly navigation.
  2. Potential Earnings: Affiliates have the opportunity to earn significant amounts.
  3. Monthly Payouts: Regular payouts are available.
  4. No Minimum Withdrawal Limit: Affiliates can withdraw earnings without restrictions.

BizGurukul review: Positive Review on TrustPilot
BizGurukul review: Positive Review on TrustPilot


  1. Initial Investment Required: Affiliates must invest in courses before commencing their BizGurukul journey.
  2. Earnings Linked to Investment: The more you invest, the more you stand to earn.
  3. Communication Skills Necessary: Effective communication is crucial to sell the courses.
  4. Not an Affiliate Marketing Platform: Contrary to claims, BizGurukul operates more as a network marketing scheme.
  5. Lack of Customer Support: The platform lacks a robust customer support system.

BizGurukul review: As a scam
BizGurukul review: As a scam

Navigating the landscape of BizGurukul Review, it’s essential to weigh these pros and cons carefully. The platform’s emphasis on upfront investments and network marketing dynamics raises questions about its alignment with genuine affiliate marketing practices.

As you explore opportunities, understanding the nuances of BizGurukul will empower you to make informed decisions in the pursuit of your online endeavors.

BizGurukul review: BizGurukul real or fake
BizGurukul review: BizGurukul real or fake

The Verdict

In conclusion, when conducting a thorough BizGurukul Review, it becomes evident that the platform may not neatly fit the conventional definition of a scam. However, concerns arise due to its marketing tactics and network structure. Unlike legitimate affiliate marketing, which typically doesn’t demand upfront investment, BizGurukul blurs the lines by requiring individuals to purchase courses as a prerequisite for earning – a factor that adds weight to the question of whether BizGurukul real or fake.

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BizGurukul review: BizGurukul real or fake
BizGurukul review: BizGurukul real or fake

If you’re seeking genuine opportunities for skill enhancement and affiliate marketing, it’s advisable to explore platforms that prioritize education over recruitment. BizGurukul’s focus on materialistic success and questionable marketing practices suggests that there are better alternatives for those looking to thrive in the digital landscape. Remember, true success is not measured by the gadgets you own but by the value you bring to the table.

Is BizGurukul Government Approved?

Yes, BizGurukul Private Limited is duly registered under the Companies Act, 2013. The registration has been completed with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Registrar of Companies, New Delhi. This official recognition ensures that BizGurukul operates in compliance with legal standards and regulations outlined by the government. Users can rest assured that the platform is recognized as a legitimate entity by the relevant authorities.

How to Earn Money from BizGurukul?

To earn money from BizGurukul, you need to enroll in their affiliate marketing program by purchasing one of their courses—Gold, Sapphire, or Platinum. Afterward, you can earn commissions by selling these courses to others. Your earnings are directly linked to the course you choose and the sales you generate.

How to Earn from BizGurukul Without Investment?

You can’t. To start earning with BizGurukul, you need to invest in one of their courses first.

Is BizGurukul Legal and Safe?

Yes, BizGurukul is legally registered. Safety-wise, exercise caution, research reviews, and make informed decisions before engaging with the platform.

Is BizGurukul a scam?

No, BizGurukul is not a scam. However, when considering a BizGurukul review, it’s crucial to research and be cautious before getting involved, as there have been concerns about its practices.

Is BizGurukul real or fake?

BizGurukul is not fake, but it’s not a recommended affiliate platform due to concerns about materialistic focus and questionable marketing practices. Consider alternatives for a more reliable digital success journey.

Should I invest in Bizgurukul?

Considering the significantly higher fees on Bizgurukul compared to other e-learning platforms like Udemy,SkillShare,LinkedIn Learning etc. it’s not advisable to invest in courses from Bizgurukul. Explore more cost-effective alternatives for a better investment in your learning journey.


  • In the digital age, platforms like BizGurukul have gained attention for promising work-from-home opportunities and unlimited earnings. However, it’s essential to discern between genuine opportunities and potential deceptive schemes. This BizGurukul review explores the platform’s claims, its affiliate marketing structure, and associated pros and cons. BizGurukul offers online courses in areas like digital marketing and entrepreneurship but is known for its aggressive promotion of its affiliate marketing program, which requires affiliates to purchase courses before selling them. This practice has raised ethical concerns, and this review delves into the reality behind the hype. 📚💼💰 #BizGurukul #AffiliateMarketing #OnlineCourses

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