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Facts About International Men’s Day 2023: When, Why, How We Celebrate, Wishes and Quotes

International Men’s Day is like a big birthday party for all the boys around the world. It happens every year on November 19. We celebrate it to say a big thank you to all the men for the cool things they do! They help in making money, they’re awesome in society, culture, and politics, and they make families and big groups work smoothly. It’s like a superhero party, but for real-life heroes! Even though the whole world doesn’t officially say ‘yay’ to it like a big holiday, many countries still throw parties and celebrate it every year. It’s like a secret superhero club meeting!

On this special day, we also talk about things that might make the men feel a bit sad or worried. Men in different places have different troubles, and we want to help and understand them more. Even if the United Nations doesn’t officially give it a big gold star, it’s still a super important day where everyone should know about the awesome things men do and the challenges they face. It’s like a detective day, where we try to make the world better for everyone!

So, International Men’s Day is like a big adventure where we celebrate, learn, and help each other. It’s not just a party; it’s a day to be heroes and make the world happy and better. And even if we don’t have a big official banner saying ‘International Men’s Day,’ we know it’s a day to cheer for our real-life heroes!

The Birth of International Men’s Day

A long time ago, in the 1960s, people began thinking about making a special day just for men.. But the first time it really happened was in 1999, thanks to Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh. He’s a smart professor from Trinidad and Tobago. Dr. Teelucksingh thought it would be cool to celebrate on November 19 because it’s his dad’s birthday. Now, lots of countries (almost 80!) celebrate Men’s Day every year.

Guess what? In India, there’s a superhero named Uma Challa! She really cares about men’s rights. Uma started the party for International Men’s Day in India back in 2007. She wanted everyone to know about the troubles men face, especially when the rules don’t seem fair. Uma is like the captain of the celebration ship in India!

International Men's Day pic

Why It Matters: The Significance of International Men’s Day

There’s this special day called International Men’s Day, and it’s like a big celebration for all the awesome things guys do in the world, with their families, and in their communities! It’s like, you know, this cool party where everyone’s like, “Hey, guys, you’re super cool!” It’s just like that!

On this special day, everyone gets to talk about important stuff like how men stay healthy and happy. We also chat about how sometimes, people treat boys and girls differently, and that’s not okay. The day wants everyone to be kind and understand that guys have feelings too. It’s like a big school lesson about being good to each other!

And you know what? The day also reminds everyone to think about how guys feel inside, no matter where they come from or what games they like to play. It’s like shouting, “Hello, everyone!” to all the guys and saying, “You’re important, and we really, really care about you a whole bunch!”

Zero Male Suicide: The Theme of Mental Health in 2023

Let me share a short story about International Men’s Day! This year, the special theme is called “Zero Male Suicide.” It’s like a superhero theme for men and boys, where everyone helps each other understand and handle feelings in their minds. Sometimes, big people, like dads, feel stressed because they want to look after their families. They think about buying food and toys, and it makes them feel a bit worried.

It can make their minds feel heavy. Also, some men, who are like big students, worry a lot about exams and finding good jobs. All these heavy feelings can sometimes make them feel very sad or worried. So, the theme for this year is trying to help them not feel like that. Picture having many toys and games that you love, but guess what? You also need to look after them, right? Well, grown-up men are a bit like that too. Like you take care of your toys and games, adults also look after their families and homes, making sure everything is okay and in the right place. It’s like making sure everything is okay and where it should be.

So, just like you with your toys, they have responsibilities too! This can sometimes make their minds feel a bit sad or tired. Some men, who are like bigger students, feel lots of pressure about exams and finding good jobs. It’s like having a big backpack full of heavy things to carry. Sometimes, carrying all these heavy things can make them feel not so happy. That’s why this year’s special theme is all about helping them not feel too sad.

Now, think of this year’s theme like a superhero tale. Sometimes, when people have lots to do or big feelings, it can be a bit hard for them. Grown-up men, who are like the big superheroes in our families, can sometimes feel very worried or even very, very sad. This year, the special theme is like a superhero plan to help them not feel so sad. Imagine having superhero friends who say, “Let’s help each other and make sure everyone feels okay!” So, this year is all about being like superheroes and making sure everyone’s mind feels happy and light.

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Wishes And Greetings: Happy Men’s Day Quotes

  • Happy Men’s Day! Today is all about celebrating the amazing men in our lives. May your day be filled with joy and appreciation!
  • Wishing all the fantastic men out there a Happy International Men’s Day! Your contributions make the world a better place.
  • To the men who inspire and lead with kindness, Happy Men’s Day! May your day be as fantastic as you are.
  • Cheers to the men who work hard and spread positivity! Happy International Men’s Day – may your achievements be celebrated today.
  • Sending warm wishes to the incredible men on Men’s Day! Your strength and kindness make the world a brighter place.
  • Happy Men’s Day to all the gentlemen who make a difference in the world. Your efforts are truly appreciated.
  • Celebrating the men who stand strong and support others. Wishing you a Happy International Men’s Day filled with happiness!
  • To the unsung heroes and everyday superheroes, Happy Men’s Day! Your presence makes the world a better and brighter place.
  • Happy Men’s Day to the men who make sacrifices for their families and contribute positively to society. You are appreciated!
  • Wishing a day filled with laughter, love, and appreciation to all the incredible men on International Men’s Day. You deserve it!

Conclusion: Cheers to the Dudes

International Men’s Day 2023 was all about celebrating the awesome things men do. We said thanks for their hard work, support, and just being awesome! The theme “Zero Male Suicide” reminded us to care about men’s feelings, making sure they know it’s okay to talk about tough stuff. As the day wraps up, let’s keep appreciating and understanding the guys in our lives every day!


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  • 🌟 International Men’s Day on November 19 celebrates men worldwide! Started in 1999 by Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh, it’s now celebrated in nearly 80 countries. Uma Challa is a superhero who started it in India in 2007 🦸‍♀️.💪 It’s a reminder to be kind and understanding, focusing on mental health with this year’s theme “Zero Male Suicide.” Let’s celebrate and support men! 🎉🧠

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