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Oreo Cricket Dhone Offer: Cashback on Oreo | Real or Fake? Complete Details

Oreo Cricket, a contest created by the popular cookie maker, Oreo, has stirred up a lot of interest among both cricket fans and snack lovers. Is this contest a treat for the taste buds, or a disappointment for the discerning? Let’s dive into the delicious details.

Delving into Oreo Cricket

Oreo cricket is a genuine contest by Oreo, the cookie brand, not a fake. It is a chance for customers to win amazing prizes by buying Oreo products and scanning a QR code or giving a missed call.The contest revolves around cricket, a beloved sport in India and beyond. It started on October 1, 2023, and will finish on February 28, 2024. You can learn more about the eligibility, prizes, and how to enter on the official website Oreo Cricket 2024 or Oreo Cricket 2023.

But the main question is, is this a real website offering cashback? Let’s delve deeper into the authenticity of Oreo Cricket and uncover any potential deception lurking within.

Oreo Cricket Dhone Offer: Oero Cashback Coupon Code
Oreo Cricket Dhone Offer: Oero Cashback Coupon Code

How to Play the Oreo Cricket Game

The Steps to Join the Game Oreo Cricket is very easy to join, just like enjoying a cookie:

  • Buy Oreo Products: All you need to do is buy Oreo products worth Rs. 100 or more from any shop in India. This is the first step to get a chance to win big prizes.
  • Scan or Call: After buying, scan the QR code that you can see on the materials at the shop or give a missed call to 7406887333. This starts your adventure into the Oreo Cricket world.
  • Verification: After scanning or calling, you will get a WhatsApp message from Oreo. Follow the instructions to send your purchase bill as evidence.
  • Hope for the Best: After you have verified your purchase, it’s time to wait with excitement. If you are lucky, Oreo will contact you to tell you that you have won, and you can get many prizes such as gaming consoles, cricket kits, smartwatches, and cashback vouchers.

For further information on eligibility criteria, prizes, and terms and conditions, visit the official website of Oreo Cricket 2024 or Oreo Cricket 2023. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Oreo Cricket Dhone Offer: Oero Cashback Coupon Code
Oreo Cricket Dhone Offer: Oero Cashback Coupon Code

Anticipating Victory: When Are the Winners Revealed?

The anticipation mounts as participants eagerly await the announcement of winners. According to the official Oreo Cricket 2024 website, winners will be unveiled on a weekly basis starting from October 8, 2023, until March 7, 2024. Keep a close eye on the website and Oreo’s social media channels to see if your name lights up the winner’s board. And who knows? You might even receive a personal call from Oreo, confirming your triumph. Here’s to hoping for a victory dance!

Decoding the Prize Trove

The allure of Oreo Cricket extends beyond the thrill of competition, beckoning winners with an array of tantalizing prizes:

  • Data Vouchers: Dive into seamless connectivity with data vouchers worth Rs. 50 or Rs. 100, redeemable with select telecom operators. With a whopping 87,840 vouchers up for grabs, connectivity has never tasted so sweet.
  • Cricket Kits: Equip yourself for on-field glory with cricket kits comprising a bat, ball, gloves, and helmet. With 180 kits awaiting their champions, you could be one step closer to cricket stardom.
  • Mobile Phones: Stay connected in style with mobile phones from renowned brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Vivo. With 16 devices awaiting their owners, your next call could be the call of victory.
  • Gaming Consoles: Immerse yourself in the world of gaming with top-tier consoles including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, or Nintendo Switch. With 8 consoles waiting to be claimed, your gaming adventure awaits.
  • Bluetooth Speakers: Elevate your auditory experience with Bluetooth speakers from esteemed brands such as JBL, Sony, or Bose. With 16 speakers ready to amplify your tunes, the soundtrack to your success has never sounded better.

While these prizes beckon with allure, remember that availability and terms and conditions apply. For a deeper dive into prize details, refer to the official Oreo Cricket 2024 or Oreo Cricket 2023 website. Good luck, and may fortune favor the bold!

Some tips to stay safe while participating in Oreo cricket are:

  1. Buy Oreo products only from trusted sellers or shops. Do not buy from places that look suspicious or strange.
  2. Look at the expiry date and the wrapping of the Oreo products before buying. Do not buy or eat any products that are old or broken.
  3. Use your own phone to scan the QR code or give the missed call.
  4. Do not give your personal or money details to anyone who says they are from Oreo or the contest people.
  5. Check if the website or the WhatsApp message you get from Oreo is real. Look for the real logo, website name, and spelling.
  6. Do not click on anything that looks weird or asks for your personal information.
  7. Read the rules carefully before joining the contest.
  8. Know who can join, what you can win, and how to get them.
  9. Do not believe any wrong or fake things or offers. Know the dangers and duties involved in joining the contest.
  10. Oreo is not responsible for any loss, harm, or hurt caused by the contest or the prizes.

Join at your own choice and risk. I hope these ways help you to have fun with the Oreo cricket contest safely and wisely.

Screenshot 2024 02 15 130906

Oreo Cricket Coupon Code

These are some of the working coupon code to get a cashback of Rs. 30 from Oreo Cricket upto 8 times.

  • P40104151247A12G
  • P40104151247A92G
  • P40104151247A52G
  • P40104151247A17G

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Unveiling the Truth: Oreo Cricket’s Legitimacy: Is it Real or Fake?

Let’s talk about the big question: Is Oreo Cricket real or fake? Many people are worried that the campaign is not true. Is the website a real place for fun contests, or does it fall apart when we look closely?

Screenshot 2024 02 15 114009 1
Real Domain Details
Screenshot 2024 02 15 114024 Domain Details

Upon closer inspection of the domain, red flags emerge. The website’s inception on November 15, 2023, raises eyebrows, hinting at its novelty and potentially dubious nature. While Oreo Cricket promises prizes aplenty, some participants have reported suspicious activities, including the redemption of rewards through simple coupon codes.

Also, the terms and conditions page has many mistakes in the language, which makes us wonder if the website is trustworthy. Along with that, the design of the website does not look like the real Oreo website, which makes us more doubtful about the website’s reality.

In conclusion, To sum up, Oreo Cricket offers a tempting opportunity to enjoy the thrill of cricket and the taste of Oreo, while also earning some prizes along the way. However, be careful when you enter its online platform. Just like any other activity, you need to be alert and aware to avoid any problems that might arise.

Screenshot 2024 02 15 114047 2
Domain Register Details of Oero
Screenshot 2024 02 15 114101
Domain Register Details of OreoCricket

In Conclusion: A Sweet Symphony of Thrills and Caution

In Conclusion, A Mix of Fun and Carefulness Oreo Cricket shows how much people love cricket and the famous cookie brand. It offers a chance to win amazing prizes and have memorable moments. It invites fans to join in its attractive contests. But, while enjoying the game, it’s important to be cautious, looking out for clues that the website is real or not.

So, whether you’re gearing up for victory on the cricket field or navigating the digital landscape of Oreo Cricket, may your journey be filled with excitement, camaraderie, and, of course, plenty of cookies.

Happy playing, and may the sweetness of success be yours to savor!


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