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Edit Template Review: Is Workzly Real or Fake? Complete Review Review: Are you searching for online part-time jobs and considering Wondering whether it’s a legitimate platform or a potential scam? Workzly claims to offer lucrative online part-time job opportunities, but is it too good to be true? In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the details of Workzly, examining its job offerings, payout methods, payment proofs, and more to help you make an informed decision. Details

  • Website Name: Workzly
  • Website URL:
  • Website Category: Freelancing
  • Contact Email:

Workzly positions itself as a freelancing website, boasting a variety of job opportunities such as Ad posting, Job description writing, Resume writing, Content writing, Online survey participation, Online typing, Product description writing, Proofreading, and Translation jobs. Review on TrustPilot Review

Payout Rates

  • Ad Posting Jobs: ₹25 per upload
  • Job Description Writing Jobs: ₹12 to ₹20 per hour
  • Resume Writing Jobs: ₹20 to ₹50 per job
  • Content Writing Jobs: ₹300 to ₹4,000 per month
  • Online Survey Jobs: ₹1 to ₹7 per survey
  • Online Typing Jobs: ₹15 to ₹30 per page
  • Product Description Writing: ₹5 to ₹500 per hour Review: Pros & Cons


  1. Easy to Use: The platform is user-friendly.
  2. Abundant Job Opportunities: Offers a wide range of job opportunities.
  3. Higher Payout: Promises lucrative payouts for various tasks.


  1. Simple Website Design: The website has a basic and simplistic design.
  2. Presence of Ads: Advertisements clutter the interface.
  3. Lack of Customer Support: No dedicated customer support for users.
  4. Anonymous: No information about founders and developers.
  5. No Social Media Presence: The platform lacks a presence on social media.
  6. Fake Job Opportunities: Allegations of providing fraudulent job opportunities.
  7. Limited Contact Options: Lack of proper contact options for users.

Workzly Review Review on TrustPilot Website Real or Fake?

Considering the information gathered from Workzly Review, it appears to be a dubious platform with certain red flags indicating potential scam activities. Let’s explore the reasons behind this verdict:

  • Negative User Reviews: Numerous users express dissatisfaction with Workzly, citing bad experiences.
  • Lack of Customer Support: The absence of proper customer support and contact options raises concerns about the platform’s legitimacy.
  • Simplistic Website Design: Workzly’s website design lacks sophistication, and elements overlap, giving it an unprofessional appearance.
  • Missing Terms and Conditions: Legitimate websites typically have a comprehensive terms and conditions page, which is notably absent on Workzly.
  • Excessive Ads: The abundance of ads on the platform contributes to a suspicious and potentially scammy interface.
  • Fake Job Opportunities: Allegations suggest that Workzly promotes fake job opportunities, tempting users with unrealistically high payouts. Review on TrustPilot Review on TrustPilot

In My Opinion: Review

Workzly presents itself as a freelancing hub with a variety of job options, but caution is advised. Considering the negative reviews, absence of customer support, and questionable design choices, I am inclined to believe that Workzly is not a trustworthy platform. My recommendation is to refrain from using Workzly to seek job opportunities.

Before concluding, we encourage you to share your own experiences and insights in the review section. Your input can help others navigate the world of online freelancing and make informed choices.


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