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Kolkata Gears Up for Historic ‘1 Lakh Gita Recitations’ with PM Modi as Chief Guest

1 Lakh Gita Recitations: Thousands of people enthusiastically joined the “1 Lakh Gita Recitations” event at the Brigade Parade Grounds here on Sunday, hailed as a “great success” by the West Bengal BJP leadership December 24. Exciting news! Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be the special guest at the event, making it a very important day for West Bengal.

Preparations Commence with Rituals and Puja

The preparation for the monumental event of ‘1 Lakh Gita Recitations‘ or ‘Ek Lokho Konthe Gita Path‘ kicked off with saints performing ‘Bhumi and Khunti Puja’ at the Brigade Parade Ground. Basant Sethia, the general secretary of one organizing committee, shared that soil from Kurukshetra, the sacred land of the Mahabharata, was used during the ritual. This symbolic gesture ties the event to the roots of ancient Indian heritage.

1 Lakh Gita Recitations BJP puja

Non-Political, Yet Unmistakable Overtones

Contrary to the usual political gatherings, this event, despite its non-political nature, carries subtle political undertones. The timing, just months before the general elections, raises eyebrows. The organizers, Akhil Bharatiya Sanskrit Parishad and the Motilal Bharat Tirtha Seva Mission, emphasize the non-political nature of the gathering.

Diverse Participants and Guinness World Record Aspirations

The event, spearheaded by the Sanatan Sanskriti Manch, aims to set a Guinness World Record with one lakh participants reciting the holy Gita. Kartik Maharaj, the president of the ‘Ek Lokho Konthe Gita Path‘ Committee, expressed optimism about achieving this feat. The organizers plan to build 20 blocks at the Brigade Parade Ground, accommodating 5,000 participants each.

1 Lakh Gita Recitations: Special Guest and Invitations

Lots of important people are coming to the event! Not just the Prime Minister, but also West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Governor C. V. Ananda Bose, the big boss of the Calcutta High Court, MPs, MLAs, directors, and even the head people of colleges are on the list! It’s a gathering of really special guests! The participation of Shankaracharya Sadananda Saraswati of Dwarka adds a spiritual dimension to the gathering.

Gita’s Universal Message

The underlying message of the event goes beyond politics. Kartik Maharaj made it clear that the Bhagavad Gita is really important in tough times nowadays. He said, “Think of the Gita like a helpful life guide; it’s got all the answers you could ever want or need.” He highlighted the need to strengthen moral values in society, drawing inspiration from eminent personalities like Einstein and Oppenheimer who referred to the Gita.

1 Lakh Gita Recitations

Sanatan Sanskriti Manch’s Vision

The Sanatan Sanskriti Manch, a relatively new social organization in West Bengal, focuses on reviving ancient temples across the state. Last year, they organized a similar Gita recitation program at Mayapur, involving 5,000 participants. Their ongoing efforts include identifying neglected temples and collaborating with organizations like Bharat Sevashram.

Sacred Elements from Across India

The organizers incorporated sacred elements into the event, using soil from Kurukshetra and the dwaj (flag) of Jagannath temple Puri during the bhumi puja. Soils from various ashrams in Bengal, along with Ganges water, were also part of the ritual. These elements connect the event to sacred sites across India, symbolizing unity in diversity.

Political Reactions on 1 Lakh Gita Recitations

Political Reactions and Counterpoints

Trinamool Congress (TMC) believes that the 1 Lakh Gita Recitations event is a tactic employed by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to secure more votes. They see it as a strategy by the BJP to draw people in and influence their votes. In contrast, BJP leaders share their blessings for the participants, while West Bengal Pradesh Congress chief Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury encourages leaders to focus on ‘humanity’ rather than ‘hinduism.’

Prime Minister’s Participation and Mamata’s Decision Pending

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s acceptance of the invitation showcases his keen interest in the 1 Lakh Gita Recitations initiative. The exclusive seating arrangement, featuring only Shankaracharya and the PM on the stage, underscores the importance of their presence. At present, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has not confirmed her attendance, indicating a cautious approach as she meticulously reviews the event’s details before reaching a decision.

1 Lakh Gita Recitations initiative


In conclusion, ‘Ek Lokho Konthe Gita Path‘ or ‘1 Lakh Gita Recitations‘ transcends the political landscape, aiming to unite people through the universal teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. As Kolkata readies itself for this historic gathering, the event holds the promise of fostering spiritual unity and moral strength in the face of contemporary challenges.


  • The presence of leaders like Shankaracharya Sadananda Saraswati and the Prime Minister adds a spiritual dimension to this historic gathering. We eagerly await Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s decision and hope this event fosters unity and moral strength in the face of contemporary challenges. 🙌🤝 #1LakhGitaRecitations #BhagavadGita #Spirituality

  • That’s an incredible milestone! 🙏📖 Reciting the Gita is a spiritual and meaningful practice that brings peace and wisdom. It’s heartwarming to hear about 1 lakh Gita recitations in Kolkata, showing the devotion and dedication of the people. 🌟 #GitaRecitation #Spirituality #Milestone

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