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BJP Promises to Rename Hyderabad to Bhagyanagar if They Win, Raises Questions

In a recent political meeting, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath mentioned that if the BJP succeeds in Telangana, they could rename Hyderabad to ‘Bhagyanagar.’ It’s one of their ideas if they win. It’s part of their plan if they come to power. This idea has stirred up talks and sparked interest in the region. The statement, echoing the party’s track record of renaming cities, has stirred both support and opposition in the political arena.

rename hyderabad to Bhagyanagar

A History of Renaming Cities

Changing city names is a common thing in Indian politics. It’s a usual thing. Yogi Adityanath’s government in Uttar Pradesh has already undertaken the renaming of cities, changing Allahabad to Prayagraj and Faizabad to Ayodhya, among others. This has prompted discussions on the significance and implications of altering established names.

Log soch rahe hain, “City ka naam badalna, kya hai bhai?” Some say it’s a matter of preserving cultural identity, while others feel it’s just a political move. Whatever the case, naam mein hi kuch baat hai!

 renaming of city to 'Bhagyanagar

The ‘Bhagyanagar’ Vision

G Kishan Reddy, the Telangana BJP president, emphasized the party’s commitment to transforming Hyderabad into ‘Bhagyanagar.’ He questioned the origin and relevance of the name ‘Hyder’ and declared, “If BJP comes to power, definitely, (we) will remove Hyder and change the name as Bhagyanagar.

The term ‘Bhagyanagar‘ translates to the ‘city of fortunes,’ signifying the party’s aspiration for a positive transformation. Adityanath, during a rally in Ghoshmahal constituency, asserted, “We have come to create Bhagyanagar,” emphasizing a shift in destiny for the city.

rename hyderabad to Bhagyanagar

Opposition Voices: Rename Hyderabad

AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi criticized the BJP’s proposal, calling it a symbol of hatred and divisive politics. Owaisi questioned the origin of ‘Bhagyanagar’ and defended Hyderabad as an integral part of the local identity. He hoped that the people in Hyderabad and Telangana would strongly reject what he called “hateful politics.”

AIMIM ke neta Asaduddin Owaisi ne BJP ki sujhav ko tanqeed ki, ise nafrat aur batachit ki nishaani kaha. Owaisi ne ‘Bhagyanagar‘ ke utpatti par sawaal uthaya aur Hyderabad ko sthaniya pehchaan ka avashyak hissa banaye rakhne ki raksha ki. Unka manna tha ki Hyderabad aur Telangana ke log isey kadi tarah se nakar denge, jise unhone “nafrat bhari raajneeti” kaha.

rename hyderabad to Bhagyanagar

Reflections on the BJP’s Strategy

G Kishan Reddy defended the proposal by drawing parallels with other city name changes in the country, citing examples like Chennai (formerly Madras), Mumbai (formerly Bombay), and Kolkata (formerly Calcutta). The BJP, he asserted, would consult intellectuals on renaming decisions, emphasizing a departure from what he termed the “slavish mentality.”

Reddy ji ne kaha, “Humein yeh bataiye ki jab Bombay se Mumbai ho sakti hai, Madras se Chennai ho sakti hai, toh Hyderabad kyun nahi ho sakta?” Unhone kuch yuvaon se kaha, “Humara maqsad desh ko modern banaana hai, aur isme shehron ke naam badalne ka ek kadam hai.

Unki baaton mein, “Yeh ek pragmatic approach hai, ek naye Bharat ki taraf badhne ka,” ka zor bhi tha. Unhone jor se kaha, “Hum kisi bhi ranneeti mein nahi hain, balki hum samvidhan aur rashtra bhakti ki raah par chal rahe hain.

Jab unse pucha gaya ki kya yeh naam badalne ki peshkash sirf rajneeti hai, toh unhone muskurakar kaha, “Nahi, yeh ek soch hai, ek desh bhakti hai.” Aur phir woh hinglish mein bhi jor se bole, “Aakhir mein, naam mein kya rakha hai bhai, important toh hai ki hum apne mulk ke liye kuch accha kar rahe hain.

Is prastaav par charcha karte hue, Reddy ji ne kuch intellectuals se mashwara lene ka bhi zikr kiya aur kaha, “Hum log samvedana se kaam karenge, slavish mentality ko alag karke, naye aur pragatisheel Bharat ki ore badhne ka iraada hai.

rename hyderabad to Bhagyanagar KCR

The Electoral Landscape

With Telangana heading to polls on November 30, the BJP aims to expand its influence in the state. However, the main competition appears to be between the KCR-led BRS and the Congress. The renaming proposition adds a unique dimension to the electoral discourse.

Haan bhai, the BJP ka iraada hai state mein apni chhap ko aur bhi badaane ka. Par dekho, actual mukabla KCR-led BRS aur Congress ke beech hai. And you know what? Renaming wala funda hai woh x-factor jo is electoral baatcheet ko aur bhi interesting bana raha hai.


As the political landscape continues to evolve, the promise to rename Hyderabad to ‘Bhagyanagar’ adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing electoral discussions. The decision, if implemented, would not only alter the city’s nomenclature but also symbolize broader political ideologies. The people in Telangana can decide what happens to Hyderabad, and their choice will impact how cities are named in Indian politics. Their vote holds the key to shaping the future of Hyderabad and influencing the broader story of city renaming. It’s in their hands to decide the direction things take.The results on December 3 will reveal whether ‘Bhagyanagar’ will become more than just a political promise.


  • In a recent political meeting, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath suggested renaming Hyderabad to ‘Bhagyanagar’ if BJP wins in Telangana 🏙️. This proposal, in line with the BJP’s history of renaming cities, has stirred both support and opposition. AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi criticized it as divisive, while G Kishan Reddy defended it, drawing parallels with other city name changes 🗳️. With Telangana going to polls soon, this renaming proposal adds a unique dimension to the electoral discourse 🗳️🤔. #Hyderabad #Bhagyanagar #TelanganaElections

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