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Amardeep Car attack by Pallavi Prashant Fans: Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Runner-Up Amardeep Chowdary Faces Nightmare

Amardeep Car Attack: In a surprising event of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Finale Amardeep Car Attacked by fan of Pallavi. Pallavi Prashant fans attacked Amardeep’s car during the exciting Bigg Boss Telugu 7 finale. The show had drama and controversies for 105 days, but things took a bad turn for the runner-up, Amardeep Chowdary. An angry mob damaged his car outside Annapurna Studios in Hyderabad.

Amardeep Car attack by Pallavi Prashant Fans After Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Finale

Amardeep Car attack by Pallavi Prashant Fans after finale of Bigg Boss Telugu 7. The highly awaited grand finale unveiled Pallavi Prashanth as the triumphant winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, capturing the coveted trophy. Amardeep Chowdary, securing the runner-up position, brought the season to a thrilling close. The episode showcased former housemates and families rallying behind the finalists, creating a dramatic and emotional conclusion.

Amardeep Car attacked by Pallavi Prashant Fans
Amardeep Car attacked by Pallavi Prashant Fans

The Unfortunate Incident

Amardeep Chowdary’s celebratory evening took an alarming turn when, accompanied by his mother and actress-wife Tejaswini, he found himself at the center of an unsettling incident allegedly involving fans of Pallavi Prashanth. This distressing event transpired in the early hours of Monday outside Annapurna Studios. Reports suggest that a group, believed to be fervent followers of Pallavi Prashanth, confronted Amardeep’s car, leading to a chaotic scene captured in disturbing videos circulating on social media.

Amardeep Car attacked by Pallavi Prashant Fans After Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Finale
Amardeep Car attacked by Pallavi Prashant Fans After Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Finale

The footage reveals the mob surrounding Amardeep’s vehicle, causing damage by smashing the windshield and breaking mirrors. The attack was strong, but luckily, nobody got hurt. This has left both the authorities and the public confused about why this unsettling incident happened.

This incident sheds light on the challenges faced by public figures and their associates, as the line between admiration and aggression can sometimes blur, resulting in unforeseen and potentially dangerous situations. The aftermath prompts reflections on the broader implications of being in the public eye, emphasizing the importance of safety measures and responsible fan conduct.

Amardeep Car attacked

As investigations unfold, the community awaits further details to comprehend the motives behind this incident, hoping for a swift resolution and accountability for those involved.

Fan Fury Unleashed: Bigg Boss Telugu Officially Denounces Unruly Behavior

Expressing dismay at Amardeep car attack by Pallavi Prashant fans is disheartening. Resorting to violence is not a constructive way to show disappointment. These actions not only harm the show’s spirit but also give the fanbase a negative image.

The official page of Bigg Boss Telugu condemned the incident, sharing a video on social media and expressing dismay at the fans’ “worst behavior.” The message was clear: such actions are unacceptable, and contestants deserve respect regardless of the competition’s outcome.

Pallavi Prashant

Triumph and Twists: Pallavi Prashanth’s Victory and Unforeseen Turns in the Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Finale

Pallavi Prashanth, widely recognized as Raithu Bidda, achieved victory in Bigg Boss Telugu 7, securing the highest number of votes from the audience. The celebrated YouTuber was awarded a substantial cash prize of Rs 35 lakh, symbolizing the zenith of his remarkable journey from a modest farming background to the illustrious heights of Bigg Boss glory.

In addition to Pallavi Prashanth and Amardeep Chowdary, the remaining finalists were Arjun Ambati, Priyanka Jain, Shivaji, and Prince Yawar. A surprising turn of events unfolded when Prince Yawar chose to receive a lump sum amount, introducing an unexpected shift in the competition dynamics. Ultimately, Sivaji Sontineni claimed the third position, leaving Pallavi Prashanth and Amardeep Chowdary as the final two contenders in the competition.

Amardeep Car attacked

Who is Amardeep Chowdary?

Amardeep Chowdary, the television actor known for his performances in Siri Siri Muvvalu, Janaki Kalaganaledu, and several other projects, found himself as the unfortunate victim of the post-finale incident. Despite enduring this challenging experience, Amardeep showed remarkable grace by expressing gratitude to his fans on Instagram. In his heartfelt message, he acknowledged their steadfast support throughout his journey in Bigg Boss.


The conclusion of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, intended as a joyous moment of celebration, took an unfortunate turn when Amardeep car attacked by Pallavi Prashant fans. This incident serves as a poignant reminder that, while reality shows can evoke intense emotions and fervent support for contestants, it is imperative for fans to express their sentiments responsibly, refraining from resorting to acts of violence.

As we extend our congratulations to Pallavi Prashanth for securing victory, it becomes equally important to reflect on the fundamental values of healthy competition and fair play. Incidents like Amardeep car attack should prompt fans to introspect on the impact of their actions. It is essential to ensure that the passion and enthusiasm for a particular contestant do not manifest in destructive and regrettable behaviors.

In essence, the true celebration should revolve around the spirit of the show and the remarkable journey undertaken by the contestants, untarnished by unfortunate incidents such as the one involving Amardeep car attack. Let us collectively appreciate the positive aspects of the competition and uphold the integrity of fan expression, making the overall experience enriching and devoid of undesirable consequences.


  • Such a shocking and disappointing incident! 😱 It’s disheartening to see fans resorting to violence instead of celebrating their favorite contestants’ achievements responsibly. πŸ™ Congratulations to Pallavi Prashanth on his well-deserved victory! πŸ† Let’s hope incidents like these serve as a reminder to fans about the importance of maintaining a positive and respectful atmosphere around such competitions. 🀝 #RespectfulFandom #BiggBossTelugu7 πŸ“ΊπŸ‘

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