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Animal Box Office Roars: Earns over 110 Crore worldwide on day 1

The action-packed gangster drama ‘Animal’ is coming to theaters in different languages, and it’s anticipated to make a strong debut. Early predictions at Animal Box Office crossing the ₹100 crore mark worldwide on its opening day. Get ready for a thrilling start as ‘Animal’ makes a grand entrance at the box office!

Day 1 Triumph: Animal Crosses 110 Crore Worldwide

Ranbir Kapoor’s much-anticipated film, Animal Box Office, has roared into cinemas with a resounding success, raking in over a staggering 110 crores globally on its debut day. The movie came out on December 1, and it made a big achievement by becoming the Hindi film with the highest opening collection on a regular day, without any special holiday.

T-Series Unleashes the Numbers

In a jubilant post on X, T-Series shared the day 1 box office collection, accompanied by a caption that declared, “He has come to conquer all the records.” The poster attached proudly displayed the film’s impressive earnings of Rs 116 crores gross on its opening day, marking a historic moment in Hindi cinema.

Animal Box Office Collection

Day 2 Projections: Animal’s Roar Grows Louder- Animal Box Office

According to, Animal Box Office amassed ₹63.8 crore on its first day, breaking down as follows: Hindi – ₹54.75 crore, Telugu – ₹8.55 crore, Tamil – ₹40 lakh, Kannada – ₹9 lakh, and Malayalam – 1 lakh. The film is poised to continue its success on the second day, projecting a nett earning of ₹60.92 crore in India across all languages. With these numbers, the film is anticipated to reach a total of ₹124.72 crore by Saturday.

Stellar Start in India

The Sandeep Reddy Vanga-directed movie had a stellar start in India, earning a whopping 61.00 crores, with the Hindi version contributing over Rs 50.50 crore. The Telugu rendition added another 10 crores to the tally. Notably, Animal Box Office achieved a remarkable 62.47% Hindi occupancy on Friday, as reported by Sacnilk.

Neetu Singh Remembers Rishi Kapoor

As the film looks closely at how a dad and his son relate to each other, Neetu Kapoor, who is an experienced actress and was married to the late Rishi Kapoor, shared a heartfelt message on Instagram. Accompanying an image of Ranbir from the film, she expressed, “Wish rishiji was here,” reflecting on the emotional connect with the storyline.

Animal Box Office

Animal’s Impact: Love and Critique

Hindustan Times Review

The Hindustan Times review offers a nuanced take on Animal, presenting Ranbir Kapoor’s character as an epitome of complexity. The film, directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, explores the layers of entitlement, love, and misunderstandings, making it a gripping watch.

Alia Bhatt’s Praises

Ranbir’s real-life leading lady, Alia Bhatt, took to Instagram to shower accolades on his performance. In a sweet message, she praised how hard he works, both when the camera is rolling and when it’s not. She also cheered for all the great things he does as an actor and as a family guy.

The Animal Fever Continues

In the face of competition with Sam Bahadur, Animal stands tall, captivating audiences with its 3-hour-21-minute narrative that spans Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam. The movie doing so well shows that people really like exciting stories and strong acting in movies.

So, buckle up for a wild ride as Animal Box Office continues its roaring success at the box office, promising to leave an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape. Congratulations, Ranbir Kapoor, on an extraordinary debut!

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  • […] Animal Box Office made a roaring start on its opening day, raking in a whopping 34 crores from bookings alone. Ranbir Kapoor, under the direction of Sandeep Reddy Vanga, delivered beyond expectations. More than 1,352,578 tickets were bought all over India for over 16,000 shows, showing that people were really excited to see the movie on the big screen. […]

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