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Uttar Pradesh Resident Ties the Knot with Dutch Girlfriend in Hindu Traditions

Hardik Verma, a Uttar Pradesh resident from Fatehpur district, sealed the bond with his 21-year-old Dutch girlfriend, Gabriela Duda, on November 29, 2023. This love story began when our very own Hardik decided to take his talents, and heart, to the Netherlands for work.

A Cross-Continental Love Story of Uttar Pradesh Resident

Hardik, a 32-year-old lad from the quaint village of Fatehpur, struck gold in the lowlands. He found not just a job but something far more precious—a Dutch damsel named Gabriela. Fate played cupid as their paths crossed in a pharmaceutical company, where Hardik was the supervisor and Gabriela, the enchanting colleague.

Uttar Pradesh Resident married Dutch Girlfriend

A Blend of Cultures and Hearts

Fast forward to November 29, and there they were—Hardik and Gabriela—exchanging vows in a ceremony that echoed with the beats of both dhol and tulips. The wedding was a beautiful blend of Hindu traditions and Dutch charm, creating a tapestry of love that transcended geographical boundaries.

Uttar Pradesh Resident and netherland Girlfriend

Three Years of Togetherness and a Phone Call Proposal

Their story is like a Bollywood blockbuster—complete with drama, laughter, and, of course, a bit of humor. After three years of cohabitation, Hardik popped the question, not with a ring, but with a phone call to his parents. “Mummy, Papa, hum dono shaadi kar rahe hain!” (Mom, Dad, we’re getting married!) The news traveled faster than the Delhi Metro, and before they knew it, the couple found themselves in Fatehpur, welcomed by the enthusiastic cheers of the entire village.

Desi Shenanigans in Fatehpur and International Tadka in Gandhinagar

Now, don’t think the celebrations are limited to the land of chaat and kebabs. Oh no! Hardik and Gabriela have plans, my friend. After the desi shenanigans in Fatehpur, they’re heading to Gandhinagar, Gujarat, where Hardik’s family currently resides. And guess what? There’s a reception on December 11 that promises to be more star-studded than a Karan Johar film. Gabriela’s family, straight from the tulip gardens of the Netherlands, will be there, adding an international touch to the desi tadka.

hardik and Gabriela's photo

From India to the Netherlands: A Journey of Love Continues

But hold your horses, the party doesn’t stop there! Post the Indian extravaganza, the couple is jet-setting back to the Netherlands on December 25. Why? Because, my friend, there’s going to be a Christian wedding in a church, completing the cross-cultural union with a sprinkle of holy water.

A Tale of Destiny, Cultural Fusion, and Two Hearts as One

So, there you have it—the tale of Hardik and Gabriela, a love story written by destiny, directed by cultural fusion, and starring two hearts that beat as one across continents. As they say in Fatehpur, “Shaadi mubarak ho, aur zindagi bhar khush raho!” (Congratulations on the wedding, and may you be happy forever!)


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