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Unveiling the Emotional Journey: Arun Mashetty’s Wife Malak Reveals Miscarriage Inside Bigg Boss 17 House

Arun Mashetty’s Wife Malak Reveals Miscarriage News Inside Bigg Boss 17 House: The latest episode of Bigg Boss 17 brought an unexpected twist as Arun Mashetty’s wife, Malak, made a heart-wrenching revelation about her miscarriage during a family visit inside the house. This emotional moment unfolded during the family week, shedding light on the challenges faced by Arun and his family amid his Bigg Boss journey.

Arun Mashetty's Wife Malak Reveals Miscarriage Inside Bigg Boss 17 House

The Bigg Boss Family Week Unveils Emotional Moments

In the midst of the exhilarating drama and unexpected turns within the Bigg Boss 17 house, the spotlight shifted towards the emotional core during a special family week. Arun Mashetty, the renowned YouTuber and gamer, found himself on a rollercoaster of emotions as his wife, Malak, and their toddler joined him in the midst of the competition.

However, the joyous reunion took an unexpected turn when Arun Mashetty’s wife, Malak, courageously opened up about a heartbreaking experience – she revealed the devastating news of a miscarriage, adding a profound layer of depth to the emotional journey within the confines of the Bigg Boss house.

Arun Mashetty's Wife Malak's Miscarriage news

Arun Mashetty’s Wife Malak Reveals Miscarriage News


When Arun’s wife, Malak, entered the Bigg Boss 17 house to support him, the atmosphere was filled with joy. However, the happiness was short-lived as Malak decided to share a deeply personal and painful secret with her husband.

In a private moment, Arun Mashetty’s Wife Malak Reveals Miscarriage News that she had suffered a miscarriage during Diwali 2023, a heartbreaking revelation that left Arun shattered and in tears. The couple faced the emotional turmoil together, highlighting the strength of their bond amidst the challenges life threw at them.

Emotional Outpour and Support from Bigg Boss

Witnessing Arun’s emotional breakdown, Bigg Boss provided the necessary support. The heartbreaking scene unfolded in a separate room, where Arun was allowed to process the news away from the public eye. Reports suggest that the segment may not be aired on national television, respecting the privacy of the couple during this difficult time.

Arun Mashetty's Daughter

Arun Mashetty’s Wife Malak Reveals Miscarriage: His Emotional Response

Arun Mashetty, overwhelmed with grief, couldn’t hold back his tears upon hearing about the miscarriage. His wife, Malak, shared how challenging it was to break such devastating news to him. In an interview with ETImes TV, Arun acknowledged that Bigg Boss acted as a platform for him to comprehend the situation, and he expressed gratitude for the support during this tough phase.

In the interview, Arun’s wife, Malak, highlighted the difficulty of facing such a phase without her husband by her side due to his Bigg Boss commitments. She mentioned the resilience required to cope with the loss and emphasized that the challenging time had passed. Despite the hurdles, she assured that she is now fine.

Arun's Daughter

A Touching Surprise: Arun’s Daughter Joins the Bigg Boss House

Adding a layer of sweetness amidst the emotional turmoil, Arun’s daughter also entered the Bigg Boss 17 house, creating a beautiful surprise for the grieving father. Videos from the live feed showcase heartwarming moments of Arun’s daughter playing and bonding with other contestants, providing a silver lining to the challenging situation.

Arun Mashetty family pic

Looking Ahead: Final Weeks of Bigg Boss 17

As Arun Mashetty continues his journey in the Bigg Boss 17 house, the family episodes promise more emotional revelations and heartwarming moments. With a handful of contestants remaining and the final weeks approaching, Arun, along with others, gears up for the ultimate showdown in the reality show.


The disclosure of Malak’s miscarriage inside the Bigg Boss 17 house has added a deeply personal and poignant chapter to Arun Mashetty’s journey. This emotional revelation not only showcases the real-life challenges faced by contestants but also emphasizes the role of platforms like Bigg Boss in providing a space for individuals to confront and navigate through their personal struggles.

As the family episodes unfold, viewers can expect a mix of emotions, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of those participating in the reality show.


  • […] wife was carrying the precious gift of life. Unfortunately, the couple faced the harsh reality of Arun Mashetty wife miscarriage, a sorrowful event that occurred while Arun was still unaware, locked inside the Bigg Boss house. […]

  • I was deeply moved by Malak’s brave revelation about her miscarriage inside the Bigg Boss 17 house. 😢 It’s heartwarming to see Arun’s emotional response and the support from Bigg Boss. 💕 And the surprise of Arun’s daughter joining him is a beautiful silver lining. 🌟 Wishing them strength and love during this tough time. 💪❤️ #BiggBoss17 #FamilyLove

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