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CPIM Leader Joins Trinamool in INDIA Alliance to Counter BJP

CPIM and TMC unite against BJP, to safe democracy and people’s rights, but it’s not a long-term alliance in Indian politics.

Joining TMC to Counter the BJP

In India’s politics, parties often join hands. Sitaram Yechury, the leader of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPIM), said his party joined the Trinamool Congress (TMC) in the INDIA alliance to fight the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). It’s like when friends team up to play games together!

CPIM leader alliance
Image taken from : Hindustan Times

Safeguarding Democracy and People’s Rights

The CPIM leader addressed concerns raised by some party members regarding their collaboration with the TMC. It’s good to know that, even though they work together to kick out the BJP, the CPIM won’t be making friends with the TMC in state elections. This is their plan to keep democracy safe and make sure people’s rights are safe from any problems caused by the TMC in West Bengal.

Amidst concerns from CPIM members about working with the TMC, it’s reassuring that while they’re united against the BJP, they won’t be forming alliances with the TMC in state elections. This strategy is all about protecting democracy and ensuring people’s rights remain safe, especially in West Bengal.

The CPIM’s View on the TMC and the BJP

Yechury firmly believes that the TMC can’t replace the BJP. The primary aim here is to remove the BJP’s grip on government and state power, securing the nation and its people in the process. He stressed the need to separate the BJP from the reins of control in India to secure the nation and its people.

Debating TMC’s Role in the INDIA Alliance

During a long meeting of the CPI(M)’s West Bengal group, Yechury expressed concerns about the TMC’s behavior during tough times. He questioned why the TMC was part of the INDIA alliance, particularly because it has close ties with the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA). This led him to question the rationale behind CPIM’s involvement in the alliance.

Yechury acknowledged that his party has faced such issues and dilemmas before. Sometimes, they have to work with whoever is willing to join, even if the partnership may not be long-lasting, and there’s a risk of betrayals along the way.

Past Political Triumphs and Criticizing TMC

Yechury reminisced about the Left Front’s historic victory in the 1977 West Bengal assembly elections after breaking away from the Janata Party. He didn’t hold back in his criticism of the ruling TMC, labeling them as “not good for the people” and accusing them of undermining the fairness of the electoral process.

Conclusion: The Larger Goal of Safeguarding Democracy and Rights

In a nutshell, the collaboration between CPIM and TMC is a strategic move to defeat the BJP across India, but it’s not a permanent political alliance. Yechury’s statements highlight the intricacies of political partnerships and the ever-evolving dynamics in Indian politics, emphasizing the need to prioritize safeguarding democracy and the rights of the people.


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