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ICC Suspends Sri Lanka Cricket’s Membership Due to a Breach of Obligations

Big news in the cricket world ‘ICC Suspends Sri Lanka!’The International Cricket Council (ICC) has decided to suspend Sri Lanka Cricket because they didn’t follow the rules properly. It seems the government got involved too much in how cricket is run in the country, and now there are lots of changes happening in the cricket organization. ICC Suspends Sri Lanka is the focal point of this cricket development.

ICC Takes Action Against Sri Lanka

During a meeting on Friday, the ICC Board concluded that Sri Lanka Cricket failed to manage its affairs autonomously, violating the fundamental requirement for member boards. The governing body expressed concerns over government interference in the governance, regulation, and administration of cricket in Sri Lanka.

ICC Suspends Sri Lanka

Government Interference Leads to ICC Suspends Sri Lanka Cricket

The suspension conditions will be determined by the ICC during its upcoming board meeting on November 21. Sri Lanka’s participation in ICC tournaments and bilateral series will be on hold, creating uncertainty around their scheduled hosting of the ICC Under-19 Men’s Cricket World Cup in January 2024. This temporary halt raises questions about the future involvement of Sri Lanka in international cricket events. Fans and cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the outcome of the ICC’s decision and its potential impact on Sri Lanka’s cricketing calendar.

The ICC’s decision follows the sacking of the entire Sri Lanka Cricket board by the country’s sports minister, who appointed a new interim committee led by World Cup winner Arjuna Ranatunga. However, this move faced legal challenges, with the old board reinstated by the courts.

ICC Suspends Sri Lanka

Historical Context

This isn’t the first time the ICC has dealt with government interference. In 2019, Zimbabwe faced suspension over similar concerns, a ban that was lifted after government discussions. The current situation in Sri Lanka mirrors the delicate balance between sports governance and governmental powers.

Such instances highlight the ongoing challenge faced by international cricket bodies in preserving the autonomy of member boards while navigating the influence of national governments. The ICC’s response to these recurring issues underscores the importance of establishing clear boundaries between cricket administration and external political forces to maintain the integrity of the sport globally.

ICC Suspends Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s Cricket Performance

The backdrop to this suspension includes Sri Lanka’s disappointing performance in the ICC World Cup 2023. The team’s struggles on the field have contributed to a turbulent period off the field, leading to the reshuffling of the cricket administration.

Sri Lanka Cricket’s Future Uncertain as ICC Imposes Suspension

With the ICC suspension in place, Sri Lanka’s cricket future is uncertain. The country is scheduled to tour England for a three-Test series next summer, adding complexity to the challenges faced by the cricketing nation.

Denials and Allegations

Amidst the chaos, Sri Lanka Cricket has denied government accusations related to the mishandling of preparations for the upcoming Under-19 Cricket World Cup. Additionally, the cricket board refuted accusations of transferring $2 million from its accounts to third-party accounts.

ICC Suspends Sri Lanka

ICC Suspends Sri Lanka: What’s Next for the Team?

As the cricket world watches, the ICC’s decision to suspend Sri Lanka sends a clear message against government interference in member boards. Now, it’s on Sri Lanka’s side to give a response and handle the things that the important cricket people from all over the world have brought up. They’re waiting for Sri Lanka to say something and take care of the issues that the big cricket bosses have mentioned. It’s kinda like Sri Lanka has the ball, and everyone’s watching to see what moves they’re gonna make to fix stuff in cricket.


As the ICC suspends Sri Lanka takes unprecedented steps to safeguard the autonomy of member boards, the future of Sri Lanka Cricket hangs in the balance. The suspension serves as a warning to other cricketing nations, emphasizing the importance of maintaining independence from government intervention in cricket administration. The cricketing world awaits further developments during the ICC’s board meeting on November 21.


  • 🏏🚫 ICC Suspends Sri Lanka Cricket! The International Cricket Council (ICC) has taken action against Sri Lanka Cricket due to government interference, which violates the autonomy required for member boards. Sri Lanka’s participation in ICC tournaments and series is on hold, creating uncertainty about their hosting of the ICC Under-19 Men’s Cricket World Cup in 2024. This situation highlights the challenge of balancing sports governance and government influence. The ICC’s response underscores the importance of maintaining clear boundaries between cricket administration and external political forces to preserve the sport’s integrity globally. #ICCSuspendsSriLanka #CricketNews 🇱🇰🏏

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