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Salman Khan fans burst crackers during Tiger 3 screening

Tiger 3’s premiere was intended to highlight Salman Khan’s star power, but it turned into a spectacle when Salman Khan fans burst crackers unexpectedly, stealing the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 hit theaters across the country on November 12, promising fans a cinematic experience like no other. However, the much-anticipated premiere took an alarming turn as some zealous fans, in their eagerness to celebrate the Bollywood superstar’s return to the big screen, unleashed a display of fireworks inside the theaters. This unexpected and dangerous spectacle not only overshadowed the film’s debut but also raised concerns about the safety and responsibility of fans in a communal entertainment space.

Salman Khan fans burst crackers

The Fireworks Unleashed: An Unexpected Turn

On the night when Tiger 3 premiered at the Malegaon theater, it was like a big, exciting party. Videos on social media showed Salman Khan fans burst crackers. The vibe in the theater was all happy cheers and laughter, making it seem like the theater itself was part of the fun. And then, like, all of a sudden, something super random and totally not planned just happened.

As the firecrackers kept going off, the happy scene turned into a bit of a mess. The theater got all smoky, making it hard for people to see the movie, and the loud sounds started making everyone uncomfortable. The joyful mood quickly changed to a bit of worry and fear. The celebration meant to make the movie more exciting ended up causing some problems. Like, you know, when we’re all having a blast together, we gotta make sure everyone’s safe too. Safety is, like, super important, you know? So, let’s not forget to be careful while having our fun times. Safety first, guys!

Salman Khan fans burst crackers

Salman Khan fans burst crackers: From Celebration to Fear

The situation inside the theater escalated rapidly, turning what should have been a night of celebration into a scene of panic and fear. As Salman Khan fans burst crackers with unbridled enthusiasm, the festive spirit took an alarming turn. The continuous explosions of fireworks created a chaotic atmosphere, and the once cheerful crowd soon found themselves caught in a whirlwind of confusion.

In the start, people were happy and cheering for Salman Khan. They were just having fun, and everyone felt happy and excited. But then, the loud sounds of the crackers took over, making it hard to enjoy the movie. Smoke from the fireworks filled the room, making it tough for everyone to see and breathe properly.

Videos on social media showed how Salman Khan fans burst crackers inside theatre, the celebration turned into fear. The seats in the theater, where people usually sit comfortably, became a bit of a mess. The fireworks not only scared the audience but also put their safety at risk. What started as a way to show love for Salman Khan ended up causing chaos that nobody expected.

Salman Khan fans burst crackers

When everyone got scared, they started hurrying to leave the theater really fast. The happy mood changed to a tense one, with screams replacing the laughter. The celebration turned into an emergency, showing that it’s important to express excitement for Salman Khan in a safe and sensible way.

Salman Khan fans burst crackers incident taught us that having too much excitement without thinking about safety can be risky, especially in a movie theater. t’s awesome to express love for Salman Khan, but we gotta be careful not to do stuff that could be risky for others. Safety is super important, you know? We make sure we show our love in a way that keeps everyone safe. The chaotic scene in the theater reminds us that a night of fun should never turn into a scary experience because of unchecked enthusiasm.

Salman Khan’s Response: A Call for Safety

Expressing concern over the incident, Salman Khan took to social media to address the situation. So, Salman Khan, in a tweet, said the fans doing the fireworks thing was “dangerous.” He told everyone to just enjoy the movie without doing stuff that could be risky for them and others. Salman tweets on Salman Khan fans burst crackers incident “I’m hearing about fireworks inside theaters during Tiger3. This is dangerous. Let’s enjoy the film without putting ourselves and others at risk. Stay safe.”

A History of Overzealous Celebrations

This wasn’t the first time that Salman Khan fans burst crackers during sreening such exuberant celebrations occurred, as a similar incident took place during the release of Antim: The Final Truth in 2021. Salman Khan’s films seem to attract enthusiastic celebrations that sometimes go awry. The release of Antim: The Final Truth also witnessed fans setting off fireworks inside a theater, prompting Salman to issue a plea back then, requesting fans not to bring firecrackers into the auditorium.

Internet Reaction: Dismay and Disbelief

Salman Khan fans burst crackers incident sparked dismay across the internet, with filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma sharing a video expressing disbelief. Social media users joined the conversation, condemning the reckless behavior and emphasizing the potential risks associated with such uncontrolled celebrations. The incident became a topic of discussion, prompting reflections on the need for responsible behavior during communal entertainment events.

Lessons Learned: Prioritizing Safety in Cinematic Celebrations

As we reflect on this chaotic night as Salman Khan fans burst crackers, it serves as a stark reminder to prioritize safety in shared spaces like theaters. The cinema is a place for joy and entertainment, not for endangering fellow moviegoers. Salman Khan’s appeal underscores the importance of responsible behavior during movie screenings, ensuring that celebrations remain exciting but safe for everyone.


As we watch Bollywood movies on the big screen, let’s think of this happening as a warning. The real show is the film itself, not the chaos within the theater. As we eagerly await the next cinematic experience, let’s keep the celebrations in check, ensuring they add to the joy without compromising the safety of others.


  • 🎆🎥 Unexpected chaos unfolded at the premiere of Tiger 3 as Salman Khan fans burst crackers in the Malegaon theater. What began as a joyful celebration quickly turned into an unsettling scene. The continuous fireworks created smoke, making it hard to see and breathe. The audience’s excitement turned to fear, prompting a hurried evacuation of the theater. This incident serves as a reminder that while it’s great to express love for Salman Khan, safety should always come first. Unchecked enthusiasm can turn a fun night into a scary experience. Let’s ensure our celebrations are safe for everyone! 🙌🤷‍♂️ #SalmanKhan #SafetyFirst

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