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Karan Johar to host Weekend Ka Vaar this week in BiggBoss 17- Where’s Salman Khan?

Bigg Boss has always been the talk of the town. The show has been a favorite for millions, bringing a mix of emotions, friendships, and surprising turns. However, this week, the Bigg Boss universe is in for a seismic shift – the enigmatic Salman Khan might be taking a hiatus from Weekend Ka Vaar. Enter the effervescent Karan Johar, poised to bring his unique brand of charm and candor to the host’s chair.

Salman Ka Scene Kya Hai?

For years, Salman Khan has been the face of Weekend Ka Vaar, the charismatic host who effortlessly juggles humor, advice, and a dash of tough love. Yet, this week, the audience is left wondering, “Where’s Salman?” There are lots of guesses, but we don’t know the exact reason why he is not here – It’s still unknown. Is it a scheduling conflict, a strategic move, or perhaps just a momentary break from the Bigg Boss drama?

Weekend Ka Vaar salman

Karan Johar: The Explosive Flavor of Bollywood!

The latest grapevine suggests that Karan Johar, the maestro behind some of Bollywood’s biggest hits, is set to step into Salman’s shoes for this week’s Weekend Ka Vaar. Known for his wit, charm, and unfiltered opinions, Karan promises to bring a fresh perspective to the show. But can he match Salman’s larger-than-life presence and unique hosting style?

Weekend Ka Vaar Karan Johar

The Twitterverse Reacts on Weekend Ka Vaar

As the news broke, Bigg Boss enthusiasts took to Twitter to express their thoughts and concerns. “Salman bhai ko achanak kya hogaya?” questioned one user, reflecting the collective surprise of Salman’s fans. The absence of the beloved host has sparked a whirlwind of discussions, with viewers eagerly awaiting an explanation.

Salman Out, Karan In: Bigg Boss Buzz

In the virtual realm of Twitter, the banter reached a fever pitch as fans unleashed a torrent of opinions on the unexpected host swap. One user cheekily quipped, “Kyunki Salman Khan ko bhi mahsus hone lga hai ki ye bakwas show chal raha hai ekdum se…” – a playful nod to the wild unpredictability of reality TV.

However, not everyone was thrilled with the hosting switcheroo. Some fans declared, “Not going to watch. Karan se achi host Farah Khan hai usi ko le aate,” showcasing a clear divide fueled by the emotional connection viewers have cultivated with Salman over the seasons.

Yet, amidst the uproar, a unique perspective emerged: “Es #WeekendKaVaar Pe Salman Khan Se Jyada Khatarnak To #KaranJohar Dikh Rahe Hain Jo Es Bar Sabki Band Baja Rahe Hain Inme Mujhe Nepotism ya Biasness Nahi Dikh Raha.” Some users seemed to rally behind Karan, appreciating his bold approach to calling out hypocrites and liars.

And then, there were those eagerly anticipating the upcoming episodes with Karan at the helm: “All the promos of #WeekendKaVaar with #KaranJohar have been bomb 💣. So excited for the episodes #BiggBoss17. Can’t wait for the episode, #KaranJohar is calling out hypocrites & liars loudly!! We expected this kind of hosting from Salman bhai 😞. These promotions are killing #WeekendKaVaar vibes 💯.

The virtual battleground of Twitter continues to sizzle as fans navigate their emotions, alliances, and expectations in this unexpected twist in the Bigg Boss tale!

Karan Johar Weekend Ka Vaar

Bigg Boss Drama Unleashed

Amidst the host switch drama, the Bigg Boss house witnessed its fair share of twists and turns. In a recent episode, Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain had emotional conversations with their mothers, adding a poignant touch to the show. On the flip side, Neil Bhatt found himself nominated for the entire season, setting the stage for high-stakes drama in the episodes to come.

Orhan Awatramani’s Surprise Cameo

Adding to the intrigue, Orhan Awatramani, better known as Orry, made a surprise guest appearance. Interacting with both contestants and viewers, Orry injected a burst of energy into the house, leaving everyone guessing about the impact of his presence on the dynamics within.

Voluntary Exits and Resolved Fights

The drama continued with contestant Anurag Dobhal expressing his desire for a voluntary exit. Simultaneously, Vicky Jain and Abhishek Kumar managed to resolve their ongoing feud, providing a momentary respite from the escalating tensions.

However, the most significant clash unfolded between Khanzaadi and the powerhouse members, resulting in a major altercation that had viewers at the edge of their seats.

Weekend Ka Vaar

Karan Takes Over Hosting Duties

Shifting the spotlight back to the anticipated host change, Karan Johar’s takeover is not without precedent. Having previously hosted Bigg Boss OTT, Karan Johar won hearts with his unvarnished viewpoints and brutally honest hosting style. As the curtains rise on this unexpected twist, audiences can expect Karan to bring a unique flavor to Weekend Ka Vaar, possibly injecting a dose of glamour and sophistication into the show.

The Salman-Karan Connection

Salman Khan, an integral part of the Bigg Boss legacy since Season 4, has become synonymous with the show’s Weekend Ka Vaar. Interestingly, Salman stepped into Karan Johar’s shoes as the host of Bigg Boss OTT for its sophomore season, streamed earlier this year on Jio Cinema. Now, in a surprising turn of events, Karan is taking over as the host, showcasing the dynamic interplay of Bollywood personalities in the world of reality television.

Fan Reactions – The Pulse of the Audience

The fan reactions on social media reflect the emotional investment viewers have in Salman Khan’s charismatic hosting. Some voiced their disappointment, with comments like, “He is a man of his words. He knows that this #WeekendKaVaar is going to be all about babu bhaiya just because of that quitting the show scenario.” The loyalty and attachment fans feel towards Salman underscore the challenge Karan Johar faces in filling the host’s shoes.

Karan’s Encore – Bringing Sass and Class

This isn’t Karan Johar’s first foray into the world of Bigg Boss hosting. His stint with Bigg Boss OTT showcased his ability to bring sass, class, and a touch of Bollywood glamour to the table. As he steps into the Weekend Ka Vaar limelight once again, Karan has the opportunity to leave his indelible mark on the show, creating a legacy that stands alongside Salman’s iconic tenure.

Salman’s Next Move: The Bull and Dharma Productions

While Salman Khan temporarily hands over the Weekend Ka Vaar reins to Karan Johar, fans can anticipate his return to the big screen in The Bull. Produced by none other than Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions, the action film adds an intriguing layer to the narrative. The symbiotic relationship between Salman and Karan in the realms of television and film only deepens the intrigue surrounding this hosting switch.

Weekend Ka Vaar karan


In the ever-evolving landscape of Bigg Boss, the unexpected transition from Salman Khan to Karan Johar as the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ host has stirred the pot of anticipation and speculation. As fans eagerly await the upcoming episodes, the dynamics within the Bigg Boss house promise to reach new heights of drama and entertainment.

Whether Karan can seamlessly step into Salman’s shoes or the absence of the beloved host leaves a void, one thing is certain – the show must go on, with its twists, turns, and the undying spirit of Bigg Boss drama. So, buckle up, dear viewers, for the rollercoaster ride continues with Karan Johar at the helm of ‘Weekend Ka Vaar‘!


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