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Unraveling the Mahadev Betting Scam: A Deep Dive into the Controversy and its Masterminds

The Mahadev Gaming app has found itself at the center of a storm as the Enforcement Directorate (ED) summons Bollywood celebrities for their involvement in the Mahadev betting scam case. This controversial online platform allows users to engage, play and bet live on different games from poker and card games to badminton, tennis, football, and cricket.

The Intricacies of Mahadev Gaming App

Mahadev Gaming is not just an ordinary online betting platform. It’s a hub for live gambling with a plethora of games, including virtual cricket. What sets it apart is its staggering daily revenue, reportedly reaching an astonishing Rs 200 crore. The app operates through closed groups on various instant messaging platforms, creating an extensive network for illegal betting.

Mahadev Betting Scam Explained

The Art of Deception

The masterminds behind Mahadev Gaming deployed a sophisticated strategy to ensnare unsuspecting individuals. Through carefully placed contact numbers on various websites, they artfully invited people into their intricate web of deceit.

Leveraging platforms like WhatsApp, these contact numbers served as the gateway, leading users down two distinct paths – one for facilitating money deposits and acquiring points for betting, and the other for cashing out points from the assigned IDs. The deceptive simplicity of the process masked the elaborate scheme at play, drawing individuals deeper into the clutches of the Mahadev betting scam.

Notably, the perpetrators exploited the allure of quick profits, using persuasive tactics to entice users. The promise of easy gains acted as the bait, trapping individuals who sought entertainment or financial gain. As users navigated the dual pathways set by the scam operators, the true extent of the art of deception became evident.

The psychological manipulation employed in this process raises concerns about the ethical implications of such schemes and the need for stringent measures to protect vulnerable individuals from falling victim to similar online traps like Mahadev Betting Scam.

Mahadev Betting Scam owner

Mahadev Betting Scam: Meet the Culprits

Sourabh Chandrakar and Ravi Uppal, the alleged brains behind Mahadev Betting Scam, are now under the ED’s scrutiny. Hailing from Bhilai in Chhattisgarh, these individuals provided the online infrastructure for illegal betting on live games for the past four years. The suspected earnings from this illicit operation are staggering, with Chandrakar’s company amassing around Rs 5,000 crore through the Mahadev Betting Scam.

International Connections and Money Laundering

The Mahadev online betting app is not confined to local boundaries; its roots extend internationally, with connections reaching as far as Pakistan. The ED’s investigation into 28-year-old Sourabh Chandrakar, triggered by his extravagant Rs 250 crore wedding in the UAE, unearthed an intricate network of alleged hawala operations and ties in the UAE and Pakistan.

This revelation sheds light on the global dimensions of the Mahadev betting scam, transcending geographical constraints. Chandrakar and his associates are suspected of using at least 70 shell companies to launder funds into offshore accounts, revealing a complex web of financial transactions. Because these connections reach different countries, it’s tough for the authorities to catch and punish the people behind it.

The Enforcement Directorate is actively exploring collaborative efforts with international agencies to pursue legal action against Chandrakar, who currently resides in the UAE. The cross-border implications of the case underscore the importance of global cooperation in combating online fraud and money laundering networks.

Mahadev Betting Scam raid

Mahadev betting scam: Facing the heat from the ED, Chandrakar and his associates allegedly used at least 70 shell companies to launder funds into offshore accounts. The ED is exploring avenues to collaborate with international agencies to pursue legal action against Chandrakar, who is currently in the UAE.

Celebrities in the Spotlight with Mahadev betting scam

Bollywood stars who attended or performed at Chandrakar’s lavish wedding and the company’s success party are now under ED scrutiny. Celebrities including Ranbir Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Huma Qureshi, Kapil Sharma, Boman Irani, and Hina Khan have been summoned.

Reports suggest that these stars might have accepted substantial sums of cash for their participation or performances, making them potentially liable for receiving proceeds of the crime.

Mahadev Betting Scam celebs involved

ED Raids and Hawala Kingpins

The ED has conducted raids on various premises linked to hawala operators across Indian cities, resulting in the attachment of Rs 417 crore. In a recent Mumbai raid, seven hawala kingpins allegedly involved in money laundering were identified.


The Mahadev betting scam case unveils a complex web of illegal activities involving online betting, money laundering, and celebrity connections. As investigations continue, the scandal raises questions about the depths of such operations and the responsibility of those involved, both on and off the digital stage.


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